Who We Are


Best of English (BOE) was founded by a group of English Language enthusiasts who are concerned about the declining quality of spoken and written English in Nigeria. There was a time when a graduate from any Nigerian University spoke good English but, sadly, those times are past and the decline of spoken and written English appears to be getting worse.

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Our Services

English for Students

In line with the certified syllabuses for junior and senior secondary schools, Best of English (BOE) will provide online tutorials for students.

This will cover topics in major segments such as grammar, phonology, essay as well as summary writing.Learn More »

English for Adults

Many people did not have the opportunity to go beyond Primary or Secondary Education, yet, they use English Language in their day-to-day communications.

English for Adults is designed for such people to help them in upgrading their knowledge and proficiency of the language.Learn More »

English for Professionals

In the corporate and business world, English Language is the major language of communication. As a result, there is a need to constantly enhance ones’ knowledge and understanding as well as improve competences in the use of English Language.

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BOE Competition

The BEST OF ENGLISH LANGUAGE COMPETITION is designed to improve the performance of students in the subject. It was born out of the necessity to tackle the challenges that many Nigerian students face in English Language as a subject at the secondary school level as well in future/ higher levels of education.Learn More »

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