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Test your Spelling Power

Identify the word with the correct spelling in each of the following:a. resttaurant b. restorant c. resturant d. restaurant a. omission b. ommision c. ommission d. ommissions a Ghannians b. Ghanians c. Ghananians d. Ghanaians a. ressurrection b. resurrection c. resurrecttion c. resurrecton a. laible b. liable c. lible d. liabble

How not to use ‘used to’

The expression, ‘used to’, is a common one.Often, it comes up in our speeches and writing. Unfortunately, many people mishandle it to the extent that they give it meanings that contradict its original sense.‘Used to’ expresses an action that was a habit or regular in the past, but which the person involved has stopped. The action was common before....

Has Vs Had

The two words are verbs that we constantly use. In some contexts, they perform the function of a main verb, while in others they are auxiliaries. An auxiliary verb is one that helps other verbs to make sense especially in terms of grammar.In the sentences below “has and had” are main verbs:She has a pen. She had a...
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